Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca

Birdwatching, Mangroves, Sunset, Fire, and Bioluminescence


Enjoy the tour to the Manialtepec lagoon, we will arrive at the connection point of the lagoon and the sea to appreciate the sunset.


 Duration: 5 Hours.

Include boat.

Guide in Spanish and English.

  Goes to your hotel or airbnb.*within the city of Puerto. Escondido).
Opportunity to swim.
  Bring your video or photo camera.

You don’t need experience!

Do you have doubts?



This tour will take you 20 minutes outside of the hidden port towards the Manialtepec lagoon where we will board a boat to get to know the entire lagoon, in its mangrove birds that arrive, iguanas and more.

We will reach the connection point of the lagoon and the sea where we will park to appreciate the sunset and when the darkness arrives we will make a bonfire and then go to look for BIOLUMINISCENCE; It is a family or romantic super adventure, you can bring drinks or snacks, swimsuit or light clothes.

Frequent questions

Yes, you can swim during your visit to the lake, for safety it includes a life jacket

Yes, you can visit the restaurant inside.

Yes, you can bring your snacks or drinks, if you wish we provide an ice chest and ice cubes.